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Launching soon: UIS Survey of COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts on National Education Planning Units

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) will soon be contacting countries to request information about the impact of the pandemic on the national statistical operations, including international reporting. The responses will allow the UIS and donor agencies to design mitigation and assistance strategies, which will be beneficial for Member States and other stakeholders.

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UNESCO-UNICEF-World Bank jointly conducts survey to monitor national education responses to COVID-19 school closures

Implemented jointly by the UNESCO/UIS, UNICEF and The World Bank, this survey seeks to collect information on national education responses to school closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Analysis of results will inform local and national responses and help in preparation for the reopening of schools.

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NEQMAP’s 6th Annual Meeting – Opening the dialogue: Promoting inclusion and equity through quality assessment

The Network on Education Quality Monitoring in the Asia Pacific (NEQMAP) at UNESCO Bangkok, with support from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation (KICE), organized its 6th annual meeting with a theme “Opening the dialogue: Promoting inclusion and equity through quality assessment” on 13-14 December 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand.

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PAL network conference on ensuring all children learn

The People’s Action for Learning Network (PAL Network) is a south-south partnership whose member countries work across three continents to assess the basic reading and numeracy competencies of children through citizen-led assessments, in order to provide inclusive and equitable data to inform citizen-led action to improve learning.

2020-02-07T12:06:01+00:00October 25th, 2019|News & Events|0 Comments
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