Welcome to the assessment rapid self-evaluation tool. The purpose of the tool is to identify the key strengths and gaps in national or sub-national education systems, conducting large scale assessment. As experts working in an assessment system/unit, you can self evaluate the level across a range of components across the “assessment cycle“.

The tool consists of a survey followed by an automatically generated diagram of the results. We suggest that each section of the survey is answered by a team of people involved in the corresponding phase of assessment.

The survey takes several hours to complete, but can also be completed in steps. It is not necessary to complete the entire survey in one go. The results will be displayed for those sections which have been completed. For an example, click on the graph below.

Once the survey has been completed, the results will be displayed in a circular diagram – see the example below. The diagram will be interactive, and clicking on an assessment acativity in the diagram will lead to the corresponding guidance.