Evidence in Education: Linking Research and Policy

Education policies and systems in all OECD countries are coming under increasing pressure to show greater accountability and effectiveness. However, the information readily available for policy-making is often unsuitable, either because the rigorous research required for policy needs has not been conducted, or because the research that is available is contradictory and does not suggest a single course of action. It is crucial that educational policy decisions are made based on the best evidence possible. Evidence in Education: Linking Research and Policy brings together international experts on evidence-informed policy in education from a wide range of OECD countries. The report looks at the issues facing educational policy makers, researchers, and stakeholders – teachers, media, parents – in using evidence to best effect. It focuses on the challenge of effective brokering between policy makers and researchers, offers specific examples of major policy-related research, and presents perspectives from several senior politicians. This book provides a fresh outlook on key issues facing policy makers, researchers and school leaders today.
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